Terms & Conditions Agreement

*Please read carefully before confirming your order*

  1. Orders, Payments & Deliveries

All orders need to be placed through authorized platforms,, Playtime or Sales team directly. All payments should be made in a legal way, through platforms. There will be no cash transactions. All orders must pay 50% deposit upon placing the order and balance once order has shipped. Buyer will be granted at least 15 days to complete payment if they have not done so immediately. If payment is not received within the 15 days unfortunately order can not be processed. 

Order min: $500 

As of SS24 all prices are landed DAP, duties and shipping included. 

All order inquiries to be made via Playtime market place or email.

For inquiries about your order please contact

  1. Exclusivity

Exclusivity is available to those who request it, for a style or a location. Please note that for exclusivity to be granted your store will commit to buy  3 seasons as a min and each order to be min of $2500. 

Please note buyers can also request a custom variation of a piece from the collection to be exclusive for their stores. Minimum units will be discussed if the situation presents itself. 

For exclusivity inquiries please contact

  1. Term and Termination

The buyer will have a period of 15 days after placing the order to cancel and/or make adjustments, if a payment has already been made and the order is cancelled within the window the buyer will receive a full refund. If order is cancelled past the 15 day window deposit is not refundable.  If an order is placed at the end of the ordering window, the buyer will not have this time to cancel. Once an order is confirmed and processed, and the 15 day period has passed, any cancellation will come at the expense of the deposit paid. 

  1. Pricing

The prices of the goods are non negotiable for any season. Please note MRSP is the retail price of the product. Please do not overly increase the retail price as it affects brand image. 

  1. Payment Terms

As discussed above, payment should be made legally within available platforms.  50% Deposit is required at time of placing the order. If payment is not completed the order will not be processed. We accept payment via credit card, paypal, bank transfers and checks. Please note if paying by check order will not be processed until the check is cleared.