The Story...

For this special limited capsule, we used fabrics that were no longer needed by another brand we love, Nights by Wilder, and instead of letting them become waste, we repurposed them in to a mini beautiful collection of limited sets.

All fabrics are hand made and hand block printed in India. Each piece has special character, and not one is the same to the other.

We hope you enjoy this capsule, and appreciate all the beauty in the imperfections of the fabrics. Each piece has been hand made in NY by our designer.

Truly One of a Kind

There is only a few pieces made of each of the materials chosen for this project. Which allows us to give you an exclusive experience of owning something that not only is making a difference, but that no one else will have. Be sure to pass it on for future generations to enjoy too.

Re-Stock Coming Soon

Along with our new Holiday 21 Collection, restock of your favorite patchwork pieces will be available too!